Disney - Pixar / Warner Bros.

Wonder Woman Relinquished Her Top Box Office Spot To Cars 3

Lightning McQueen strikes — or speeds — again

Diana of Themyscira has officially been unseated by talking cars, but it's cool, because c'mon, now: Even Wonder Woman herself would be moved by the inspirational tale of Lighting McQueen's horse-powered comeback.

Wonder Woman, the reigning champ of the box office, has stepped aside for the latest animated feature from Disney/Pixar and handed the title to Cars 3. The third installment of the high-speed franchise brought in $53.5 million thanks to its showings in over 4,200 theaters, thus ousting Wonder Woman by about $13 million.

As much as this is a great thing for Cars 3 fans, it's still a weekend to be celebrated for DC fans, too, as Wonder Woman's $40.6 million showing for its third week in theaters is nothing to sneeze at, especially when its global gross passed the $571 million mark. If Wonder Woman keeps drawing audiences at this rate — which it probably will, as it shows no signs of stopping — it'll break Mamma Mia!'s record for the highest-grossing live-action feature film helmed by a female director.

To sum it all up: Congrats, Cars 3, on a great opening weekend, and congrats, Wonder Woman, for continuing to kick ass in theaters the world over.