Lindsay Lohan Is Acting Again, With Help From A Weasley

See their first photo together

It's a good thing Veritaserum doesn't exist outside of Harry Potter, because Rupert Grint's new TV character in the upcoming British comedy Sick Note is a giant liar, liar, pants on fire. Grint stars as Daniel Glass, a disgruntled gentleman who's misdiagnosed with cancer, and Variety reports that Lindsay Lohan will appear alongside him in Season 2, set to air on Sky in 2018.

The show follows what happens after Glass finds out he doesn't actually have cancer but keeps the lie going, however, because people are much nicer when they think you're sick. Lohan will play the daughter of his boss, making her one more person tangled up in his web of lies. If only she had access to Professor Snape's potions ingredients to whip up some truth-telling serum.

"One lie leads to the next in this unsettlingly brilliant comedy that will hook viewers in and have them on the very edge of their seats," Jon Mountague, head of comedy at Sky, said in a statement. "Filming for series two is already under way and we're delighted to confirm Lindsay Lohan will be joining Rupert and Nick [Frost] in this stellar comedy cast."

Now the big question is, will Lohan whip out the British accent she perfected in The Parent Trap? Accents are her specialty, after all.