Karwai Tang / Vincent Sandoval

Liam Payne Can Barely Contain His Excitement For His Upcoming Charlie Puth Collab

‘Here’s a small warning...’

Liam Payne isn't messing around with high-powered collaborations at the jump of his solo career, and he's letting the cat out of the bag about his next one on the early side.

It's only been a couple of weeks since Payne released “Strip That Down” — his first solo, Quavo-featuring single — and now he's all but promising his fans that a new track with Charlie Puth is set to drop any minute now.

There's a solid chance this premiere will get the live treatment, as both Payne and Puth are set to play Wembley Stadium for Capital FM's Summertime Ball this afternoon (June 10).

Either way, Payne is so stoked he's busting out a plethora of emojis for the occasion and “warning” his followers that new sounds are nigh. It appears this is the track the pair were recording back in January, when Puth posted some updates from their time together in the studio.

This summer is heating up to be a prolific one for the One Direction dudes, as Payne, Niall Horan, and Harry Styles are all off to the races as far as their respective solo outputs are concerned. Payne's keeping up on that front, so here's hoping he doesn't keep that Puth collaboration to himself for much longer.