Gorillaz Surprise Fans With New ‘Sleeping Powder’ Video

Watch 2-D break out on his own

Gorillaz released Humanz barely a month ago, but they’re not done with us yet.

On Thursday (June 8), a surprise song called “Sleeping Powder” arrived via the band’s mobile app. Billed as “a song by 2-D,” it starts off slow, with a Beatles-esque harpsichord intro, before getting a jolt of energy and breaking into psychedelic electro-funk. There’s also a sample from that famous “This is Your Brain on Drugs” PSA, which really takes this thing into full-on trippy mode.

Shortly after the song’s debut, the band released its accompanying music video, starring the blue-haired virtual band member, 2-D. In it, he ventures from his piano into a surreal green-screen tour ‘round the world, where he cuts loose and dances to his digital heart’s content.

Gorillaz dropped their first new album since 2010, Humanz, in April. Following its release, Damon Albarn said he had 40 to 45 songs left over from the Humanz recording sessions, so it looks like we may be in for even more surprise releases from the band. Stay tuned!