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Robert Pattinson Recalls How He Was Almost Fired From Twilight

Pattinson's method acting nearly got him let go from his career-defining role

Can you even imagine Twilight without Robert Panttinson as the dreamboat vampire Edward Cullen? Because according to the actor, it very nearly happened.

In a recent interview with the New York Times at the Cannes Film Festival, Pattinson recalled how he was almost fired while making the first film in the popular vampire series. His agents thankfully intervened, flying to the Oregon set to work things out between the young actor and the film's producers, who were ready to show R.Patz the door. "I didn't have to kiss anybody's [butt] the entire time," he said. "I don't think I did, anyway."

Back in 2012, Pattison said he took his method acting so seriously while filming Twilight that he not only isolated himself from the rest of the cast but he also ended up "fighting with everybody in control all the time."

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In Stephenie Meyer's best-selling novel, Edward is initially a broody and arrogant teen vampire, so it's no surprise that Pattinson's method approach rubbed some people the wrong way on set. But he eventually eased up on the antics and made four more Twilight movies opposite Kristen Stewart.

"I think one of the best things, basically, about being a bit of a sellout [is] if you've done five movies in a series, you've had to accept some responsibility for playing the same character," Pattinson said.

However, Pattinson doesn't have any regrets. In hindsight, he said, being part of such a huge franchise was "an amazing luxury" — one that he wouldn't mind revisiting. When asked by Yahoo! if he'd ever reprise his role as Edward Cullen in another Twilight film, Pattinson said he would be "curious" to revisit Edward and Bella's love story if there was a "radical way of doing it."

Hollywood, get on it.