Shelley Hennig Flexes Comedic Chops During Teen Wolf Farewell

In a special clip, the woman behind Malia strictly goes for laughs

It's so hard to say goodbye (said to the tune of Boyz II Men)... especially when you're Shelley Hennig.

In a newly released clip from the final filming days of Teen Wolf (that whole series ending thing), the actress gives a fond farewell to fans that quickly turns comedic: When off-camera producers say her "goodbye" clip is a wrap, Hennig announces she's not quite done.

"People say that I'm really funny, and they think that I should do comedy," the woman behind the werecoyote states. "Don't you want to see Malia be funny for a second?"

So what does Hennig have up her sleeve? See for yourself by watching the video, and don't miss the Teen Wolf series finale on Sunday at 8/7c!