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How To Help Manchester

Here are a few ways you can help victims and their families from anywhere in the world

The bombing at the Manchester Arena on Monday night following an Ariana Grande concert took the lives of 22 people and left another 59 seriously injured. Many people are now wondering how they can help the victims and their families. Whether you are in the Manchester area or wish to offer support from abroad, there are several ways that you can join the relief effort.

Help Locate Missing People

Manchester Evening News has published an article that lists information about missing people, which will continue to be updated as more information is acquired. Local authorities ask that those who are in need of or have information about a missing person call 0161-856-9400 or 0161-856-9900. Please only call regarding information about specific individuals who are unaccounted for and be careful to only share information about a missing person that has been verified by a trusted source. There have been reports of fake images of missing people being posted on social media, diverting attention from those who truly need help.

Donate Blood

The current donation needs for hospitals in the Manchester area have been met. That may change over the next few days, however, so follow the Give Blood NHS Twitter account for live updates. If a request for more donors is made, contact the Manchester Norfolk House Blood Donor Centre and the Manchester Plymouth Grove Blood Donor Centre to set up an appointment first.

Share Information

Locals in Manchester are offering assistance to victims of the attack, including temporary shelter, free taxi services, and emotional support for survivors through the hashtag #RoomsForManchester. Help boost the signal by retweeting and sharing posts from those who can offer their services right now.

Donate to Relief Funds

Several funds have been set up to help victims and their families, but exercise caution when deciding where to give. Donate through established organizations to make sure your money is going to those in need. We recommend giving to the fund started by the Manchester Evening News or the Muslims for Manchester Crisis Fund.

Stand With Manchester

The people of Manchester could use a good show of solidarity in the aftermath of such a heinous attack. You can join other people from around the world by showing your support on social media with the hashtags #WeStandTogether and #Manchester. You can also send a message of sympathy to those affected by the attack by signing the Manchester City Council’s online book of condolence.

In times like this, it is humanity’s boundless capacity for compassion that carries us forward. No act of terror can rob us of that. Our hearts go out to the victims, survivors, families, and people of Manchester.