Who's Got The Best Shot At Winning Are You The One: Second Chances?

The stakes are higher than ever

And then there were six.

Now that Cameron and Mikala are out of the Second Chances picture (it was revealed that Cam was the money bandit), we're left with three perfect matches all competing for the grand cash prize: Devin and Rashida, Morgan and Tori, and Adam and Shanley.

It's no secret that each team of Are You The One? contenders come equipped with their own set of strengths and weaknesses, so who's liable to take the crown? Allow us to break it down:

  • Devin & Rashida: $120,000

    The Season 3 alums have the biggest bank and won a whopping four missions, allowing them to spend enough time in the Winners' Suite to give Rashida wet dreams. They certainly have the smarts to emerge victorious — the pair of self-proclaimed puppet masters have used their wits to manipulate the cast's votes on more than one occasion. But can they trust each other? Having the largest bank could mean more temptation to "Steal," and there's also the small fact that Rashida has a not-so-secret crush on the outspoken Solo cup enthusiast -- which may very well be one-sided, boding poorly for the duo's outcome.

  • Morgan & Tori: $50,000

    Torgan may be the epitome of a true Second Chance. It took a few serious conversations, but the Season 4 veterans appear to have overcome their rocky past, winding up stronger than ever before. Though they have won two missions and lost one, cutting their bank in half, the New Yorkers have used their combined physical strength and knowledge of one another to remain in the game. Plus, that whole "Blind Choice" situation didn't hurt matters either.

  • Adam & Shanley: $60,000

    Just when we think Adam and Shanley are about to peace the eff out of Melbourne, they surprise us. The Season 1 OGs seemed thisclose to stealing on tonight's episode, but they put their longtime friendship (and drive to win) ahead of their differences... for the second time. While they've only nabbed one first-place finish, Shadam's athleticism and loyalty could play in their favor.

With a cool $50,000 up for grabs during the final mission, the stakes are higher than ever. Comment with the pair you think has the best chance at the cash, and catch the Are You The One: Second Chances finale next Wednesday at 9/8c!