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Why Is Baywatch So Obsessed With The Balls Of Zac Efron And The Rock?

More like ‘Ballwatch’ amirite

Baywatch was a television program that, on its most scandalous episodes, involved some passionate make-outs and infamous, scintillating slow-motion runs, the likes of which made Pamela Anderson a household name. The feature film that borrows its name and its red lifeguard suits definitely earns its R rating, and the red-band trailer wastes zero time in giving us a preview of why.

Zac Efron and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson went back and forth about balls in one of the first clips we saw from the movie, but that conversation goes on a whole lot longer — and, yeah, balls and male anatomy in general are some of the favorite topics to bounce around in Baywatch banter, apparently.

I never needed to have the mental image of a human having intercourse with a Jet Ski, so, thanks, Baywatch, for reaffirming that. This trailer has everything: parties, explosions, severed limbs, Jet Skis flying into swing sets, a tiny little figurine of Johnson in a fish tank, and tons of boyish ribbing between the stars of the film.

Baywatch his theaters on May 25. To our knowledge, neither Johnson's nor Efron's balls were harmed in the making of this picture.