Adele Just Turned 29 And She Is Definitely Not Acting Her Age

So THAT'S a birthday look

Adele's sense of humor is just like her voice: It's vibrant, it's strong, and it's just the all-around absolute best.

The singer turned 29 on May 5, and instead of waxing poetic about her last year as a twenty-something and relishing in her youth, she did the opposite and posed for a series of, uh, mature portraits to mark her latest trip around the sun.

Even when made up to look like she's turned 59 instead of 29, Adele is radiant as ever, and hey — the cardigan, specks, and snowy roots work on her. Hello from the future (instead of, you know, the other side), as she's now given us a sneak peek as to how you're gonna look when you're still selling out concert halls decades into her career.

Happy Birthday, Adele, you sunbeam of an angel-voiced human, you. May we all enjoy a joke at our own expense with the same delightful glee.