John Shearer / Christopher Polk

Riz Ahmed Is Celebrating Star Wars Day With A Small Army Of Wookiees


May the Fourth be with you, but especially with Riz Ahmed, who beat everyone else at showing their Star Wars appreciation on the sort-of-but-not-really-real holiday for those dreaming of galaxies far, far away.

It's May 4, so the date — which, if you sound it out all fancy-like, sounds close enough to "May the Force," that iconic Jedi greeting from the Star Wars films — is an ideal one to show your affinity for your fave characters. Ahmed, one of the stars of Death Star origin story Rogue One, shared a photo to mark the day, and it may be impossible to top.

JUST LOOK AT ALL THOSE WOOKIEES. (Wookiee? How do you pluralize that, are they like moose?) Do Wookiees convene in groups? Or herds? Or schools? Or forums? Whatever the proper term is for a bunch of them in the same place, it's applicable here, as Ahmed found himself in a Chewbacca consortium at one point, and he looks very happy to be there.

Can't blame him, honestly. Now go watch your favorite Star Wars movie so we can take turns trying to figure out how to phonetically spell out the sound a Wookiee makes.