Second Chances Blind Choice Shocker: Who Tried To Steal The Cash?

Someone is lying, and we may never find out who


In the question of the century, at least one half of Mikameron tried to steal on tonight's Are You The One: Second Chances. So, who was the greedy one? We think it could be... Mikala. Or Cameron. Or both of them.

Thanks to yet another "Blind Choice," we'll (likely) never know, but we admit it — we're not shocked. This was the Season 4 alums' second time on "The Choice" chopping block, and unfortunately they have been on the downslope for awhile. Heck, the only thing they can agree on is that they both love shrimp. When seafood cravings become the sole thing you have in common, well, that right there is a red flag for romantical doom.

In all seriousness, it really could have been either Cameron or Mikala who tried to pocket the $65,000 bank. Here's why:

  • The Thief: Cameron

    The obvious reason? He's been visibly checked out of Team Mikameron for quite some time. Not only is Cameron bored, he's seeing a different, more negative side of his beloved "Blue Bear," and he's not lovin' it. "It just feels like I brought you on a date and you're on your phone the whole time," the Mississippi native told Mikala during tonight's episode. "You eat and do what you have to do during the date, but you're not really there."

    On the flip side, Cam did own up to behaving like a "piece of sh*t for a couple of weeks," stressing how much he wants to win the game. And honestly, you can't win if you go around stealing money.

  • The Thief: Mikala

    ret how badly Mikala has been itching to go home, and the quickest way to get back to her precious Chicken Nugget is to select "Steal." While Mik told Cammy to his face that she will stay as long as he wants, she did confess that taking the cash is pretty tempting: "I do have a lot of power, I could steal the money and just go home right now," she stated, adding that she doesn't entirely understand Cam's strong desire to win. "It's like an ego thing which is so stupid. I think it would be a shame if we came all the way here and did all this fighting and then went home with nothing."

    Two things we do know? Mikala is certain that the longer they stay in Australia, the more damage their relationship is likely to endure. And it would blow Cameron's "f*cking mind" if she did choose "Steal."

Who do you think tried to take the cash and run — Cameron or Mikala? Comment with your theories, and catch an all-new Second Chances next Wednesday at 9/8c.