Kylie Jenner Broke The Met Ball Rules, Luckily No One Ratted Her Out

Except the entire internet, and me, today

The most-broken Met Ball rule has to be their "strict" no-selfie "policy." Every year, despite this stringent edict, celebrity selfies manage to trickle out and onto the interwebs the night after the festivities. This year, it's none other than Kylie Jenner who belongs in MET BALL JAIL.

She managed to cram in a selfie of "Ellen at The Oscars" proportions, one that featured A$AP Rocky, Diddy, Lily Aldridge, Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, Paris Jackson, and even the elusive Frank Ocean.

If you find any further infractions of Met Gala policy, please @ me on Twitter immediately. Rei Kawakubo hates cameras! She would not approve!