The Fate of the Furious Has Officially Zoomed Past The Billion Dollar Mark

And it continues to be the #1 movie at the U.S. box office

Thanks to the absolutely unstoppable turnout it continues to inspire both at home and on an international level, The Fate of the Furious has achieved another major milestone at the box office: It's now grossed over a billion dollars.

Variety reports that the eighth Fast & Furious movie added another comma to its digits thanks to this weekend's box office numbers, which show that it's still the champion in theaters, as it's the top performer for the third week in a row courtesy of its $19.4 million showing.

While Fate of the Furious is clearly resonating with domestic audiences, it's the international box office that's accounting for the vast majority of that $1 billion sum: It broke records upon its release in China, where it became the highest grossing imported film the Chinese box office had ever seen thanks to its $361 million earned.

As the Hollywood Reporter points out, Fate of the Furious is only the fourth flick to hit a billion in Universal's history as a studio — and one of the three other films is a Fast & Furious title, too, with >Furious 7, the last film to feature Paul Walker in the franchise, earning $1.52 billion in its initial run in theaters.

Vin Diesel, meanwhile, is still basking in the glow of the film's release. He should be, as he's definitely earned it.