Mike Got His Second Chance At Love (But Not With Alicia)

Find out who's his new 'Are You The One?' girlfriend!

Mike and Alicia finally got eliminated due to their last-place finish on Are You The One: Second Chances -- no "Blind Choice" to save them this time. And despite their Australia departure, the Season 5 Are You the One? alums sure seemed like a happy couple, vowing to cross the Hudson River to bang hang out.

Fast-forward to the present: Mike is head over heels for someone, and it's not Alicia.

The Staten Islander is dating Season 5's Casandra! Flashback to AYTO: The petite brunette initially caught his eye during their early Dominican Republic days. But they, along with everyone else, got a major wake-up call during the second Match-Up Ceremony (aka the shockingly unforgettable blackout). From there, they opted to pursue other romances: Mike had a brief tryst with Kathryn, while Cas was temporarily wooed by Joey.

The Texas native didn't seem to cross paths with Mike on Second Chances (her first-week elimination probably didn't help matters of the heart either). But judging from Cas' Twitter account (because social media is always an accurate representation of life), the sweethearts are now inseparable, rumored to be living together in the Lone Star state and happily spending every waking moment (family holidays included) together.

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