Are Adam And Shanley Officially In The Second Chances Danger Zone?

The 'AYTO' Season 1 alums seem thisclose to being voted into 'The Choice'

One wrong move on Are You The One: Second Chances, and you could find yourself in the danger zone (cue a little Kenny Loggins action).

Hayden and Carolina have been there. Gio and Francesca know all about it. Morgan and Tori were thisclose. And after tonight's episode, Adam and Shanley could very well be the next team to make a "Choice" that would inevitably leave their relationship in ruins.

After placing fourth in the mission, it was clear the Season 1 OGs needed to reevaluate their four-year friendship, one that has been unraveling since the start of the show. (Remember Shanley's "joke" about stealing? Yeah, Adam didn't find it that funny.)

The blue-eyed hunk claims their connection has worsened, and he's blamed Shanley's lack of patience for their recent string of subpar performances. "If we're going to make it to the final, her bitchiness has to stop," he said. Speaking of, memo to Adam: Calling Shanley a bitch several times to her face is no way to get'er done. It will just make your partner cry.

Shanley's take? She says Adam needs to focus less on his looks and more on the game, plus she brought her own flaws to light. "I can be [a bitch], but at the end of the day, I have a really big heart," she stated. "I have been working on how I react to things and thinking before I speak. Now that I'm here, it's just gone out the window."

Unfortunately, the two don't have much faith in the other — which is a big problem if they want to win. It's obvious to their housemates, which makes them an easy target to get voted into "The Choice."

Mikala and Cameron may have beat them to the punch this time around, but it's only a matter of time before the Season 1 alums get put into the hot seat again — unless they can learn to get on the same page, a la Torgan and Dashida.

Can Shadam move past their differences and work together, or are they completely doomed? And if there is no hope for these two, who will betray the other first? Sound off with your thoughts, and find out what happens next Wednesday at 9/8c.