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Emma Watson Is Too Pure To Lie About Her Age To Get Into A Club

Beauty and the Bouncer, anyone?

Emma Watson may be one of Hollywood's biggest stars, but celeb status doesn't always count as valid identification to get into a club. Jessica Chastain recently spoke to the Beauty and the Beast star for Interview magazine, and the two award-winning actresses traded stories about life in the spotlight.

"A lot of people talk about acting as lying — which I don't believe — because you're pretending to be someone else," Chastain said.

"I cannot think of a worse way to describe acting," Watson added. "Also, I'm the worst liar ever."

To back this up, she recounted the times she tried (and failed) to lie her way into a club while underage: "They'd ask my age — and my friends were already in the door, it was not even a big deal — and I was like, 'I can't do it.' It's terrible. They were like, 'You're an actress, what's wrong with you? Get it together, woman!'"


These days, Watson, now 27, doesn't need to worry about bouncers double-checking her age. She's legally old enough to dance the night away at whatever venue she desires.

"I love to dance," she said. "I'm the girl who will get up and dance with zero alcohol in her system. You need give me no excuse. A great song comes on and I'm there; it's happening."

So what's she grooving to? "I like a lot of hip-hop. Everyone's always like, 'Really? You know all the words to this?' I'm like, 'Yes, I do.' And Beyoncé, Gaga."

Same, girl. Same.