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Wizards Of Waverly Place Star David Henrie Shares Magical Footage From His Wedding

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Henrie

David Henrie from Wizards of Waverly Place had a magical weekend with his Disney Channel family as they proudly watched him tie the knot with Maria Cahill. After making fans lose their damn minds at seeing all six main stars from the beloved show back together again, Henrie had more fun in store.

On Monday (April 24), the oldest Russo brother offered a glimpse into his special day, posting a sweet video to Instagram. "Wanted to give you guys a peek into my wedding," he captioned. "This is the moment (captured wonderfully by @alonsoab) before we drove away from the Church."

As the new bride waits in the car to drive away with her new hubby, Henrie smiles at a cheering crowd and proudly shouts, "I'm coming, Mrs. Henrie," before joining his wife. Sometimes, everything actually is what it seems.

Also on Monday, Cahill shared a beautiful wedding photo of the smiling duo exiting the church, ready to start their life together as a married couple. "Pure joy," she wrote. We couldn't agree more.