Frazer Harrison/Getty Images / Nickelodeon

Noah Cyrus Sang The iCarly Theme Song With Nevel Papperman

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Miley Cyrus better watch out, because little sis Noah is hanging out with a Nickelodeon star in Florida.

In between performing at Revolution Live, the younger Cyrus sister partied it up with Nevel Papperman (Reed Alexander) from iCarly. Nevel, who ran a website that critically reviewed other websites, was Carly’s archenemy and sabotaged her web show.

On Wednesday (April 19), Cyrus shared a video she made with Alexander, lip-synching the iCarly theme song like her life depends on it. “You'll rue the day!!!” Cyrus captioned, quoting one of Nevel's famous lines.

Earlier, Alexander posted a photo of the duo hanging out during the concert. This is such an unusual duo, and we are totally here for it.