Did 'The Blind Choice' Just Give Torgan A True Second Chance?

Tori and Morgan may have finally gotten their fresh start on the 'Are You The One?' spin-off

If ignorance is bliss, then Tori and Morgan have found themselves right smack in the middle of perfect-match paradise.

In the biggest Are You The One? twist since the Season 5 Truth Booth trade, the Second Chances crew were gifted with "The Blind Choice" during tonight's episode. What it means: Torgan's steal-or-share selections will be kept under wraps and happily keep everyone in the game for another day.

"Tonight, neither of you will hear the choice your perfect match made, nor will you ever," host Karamo Brown told the shocked Season 4 alums. "The two of you are going to continue building your relationship and stay in the competition. This means no one is being eliminated tonight."

After hearing this news, the majority of the cast — namely Mike and Alicia from their perch on the chopping block — celebrated like:

While the rest of us were all, "WTF just happened?," like Adam and Shanley:

Could this unexpected surprise have just saved Tori and Morgan from perfect-match ruin (we're lookin' at you, Hayden and Carolina), giving them a bonafide second chance? After all, these two almost immediately found themselves back in rocky relationship territory, despite last week's major breakthrough regarding all things trust.

The evidence that all was no longer cool in Torganland? When the competitive New Yorkers took fourth place in this week's mission, Morgan was quick to blame Tori, despite previously having her back. Tori didn't delay in confronting her partner about his two-faced 'tude.

"You put us on the field, we compete like f*ckin' champs," she said. "You take us off the field, I don't even know you."

So will "The Blind Choice" finally be the fresh start Torgan needs? Or is it too little too late for these two? Comment with your verdict, and catch a new episode of Are You The One: Second Chances next Wednesday at 9/8c.