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A New Prince EP Is Set To Come Out On The Anniversary Of His Death

But his estate is suing for control of the music

A new, posthumous Prince EP is set to come out this Friday (April 21), but it doesn't appear to be an official part of the late singer's legacy.

The six-song Deliverance EP appeared late Tuesday (April 18) on iTunes and Apple Music with a release date timed to the one-year anniversary of Prince's death. The title track is already streaming, even though there's legal contention over the ownership of the unreleased material.

Prince’s estate and Paisley Park have filed a suit against George Ian Boxill, the sound engineer who's apparently behind the release of the tracks. Prince and Boxill wrote and recorded the tracks together from 2006 to 2008, but they never saw the light of day. Now Boxill is attempting to release them as an EP on the independent label RMA (Rogue Music Alliance), claiming it's what Prince would have wanted.

Prince's estate, however, seems to disagree. The lawsuit demands that Boxill turn over the Deliverance masters, and claims he's violating a contract made with Prince before his death.

Whether Deliverance comes out on Friday or not, it seems unlikely that this will be the last conflict regarding Prince's unreleased work and his continuing legacy.