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The Fate Of The Furious Is Speeding Toward A Serious Opening Weekend

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It looks like people are interested in popcorn and Vin Diesel as much as they're into Cadbury eggs and the Easter Bunny this weekend, as The Fate of the Furious is set to smash a box office record and rake in over a hundred mil over the course of its first three days in theaters.

The eighth Fast and the Furious caper is set to clear $103.8 million for its opening weekend thanks to its huge turnout on Friday (to the tune of $45.6 million) and strong Thursday (an additional $10.4 million) screenings.

Variety reports that the hefty sum makes this the widest opening ever for a movie that premiered outside of the summer months, and it's the second best premiere for a Fast and Furious flick after Furious 7. (That triumph is bittersweet, to say the least, as Furious 7 serves as the last film in the franchise to feature Paul Walker, who died in 2013.)

Diesel, understandably, is thrilled.