Can Are You The One: Second Chances' Devin And Rashida Ever Make It Out Of The Friend Zone?

The couple's chemistry is heating up -- thanks to that naughty dream

Your worst nightmare-come-true: Having a super-sexy dream about your best friend... and them finding out about it.

That scenario became all too real for Rashida on Are You The One: Second Chances when she divulged to Kaylen and Shanley her subconscious urges about her PM Devin.

"I just have this dream that he's turning around in the bed, and he's like, 'Rashida, I'm so proud of you in this mission,'" the Season 3 alum confessed to her gal pals about what unfolded while she was in a deep sleep. "We slowly start to kiss, he starts to feel on my arms and my body, and he grabs my ass. Then he slowly puts it in. But unfortunately, it was just a dream."

When the Second Chances crew later gathered for the moment of truth, aka "The Choice," host Karamo brought up Rashida's steamy fantasy in front of her confused teammate -- and yep, she was mortified.

The self-proclaimed puppet master's response? If he and Rashida were to actually hit up Pound Town, the world would literally go out with a bang. "People think the dinosaurs were extinct because of an Ice Age, but it was actually when me and Rashida, before we were reincarnated into our present bodies, had sex with each other and the entire Earth exploded," he stated.

Dreams aside, the South Carolina native did admit that despite what the other house mates think of Devin, her feelings are real, and she can't help but be attracted to him.

"People may think he's the villain, but he treats me like a queen," she said of her perfect match. "However, we are best friends, and I don't ever want to cross that line. I feel like it's a lot safer for us to just build on our friendship."

Hey, we get it, R. The way Dev handled those red Solo cups during Season 3 was hawt. You're his queen, and he's your king. And sleeping side-by-side in the winners' suite... well, it was only a matter of time before some sexy time happened, whether subconsciously or IRL.

As for whether or not Devin feels a spark with his bestie, it's definitely possible.

"I see our bond and our relationship strengthening to a point where it's gonna be unbreakable," the Massachusetts native admitted. "Are we attracted to each other as friends? Absolutely. Is it anything more than that to me? You never know."

Obviously, the chemistry between these two is undeniable. But will they ever make it out of the friend zone to explore it? Comment with your thoughts, and see how this team fares on an all-new episode of Second Chances Wednesday at 9/8c.