Have Torgan's Trust Issues Finally Been Resolved On Are You The One: Second Chances?

The duo's rocky past could come in the way of their big win

Morgan and Tori may have been hot 'n heavy on Are You The One? Season 4 ('member that make-out session?), but their steamy connection seems to be a thing of the past on the show's sequel, Second Chances.

So why didn't the lust love last? Blame it on the athletic blonde's grand faux pas: After being dubbed perfectly compatible with Morgan, she immediately went and dated Real World: Bad Blood and AYTO Season 3 alum, Mike -- aka Morgan's ROOMMATE.

Understandably, Mike and Tori's under-the-radar romance didn't sit well with Morgan (guy code, anyone?), as he told his perfect match, "I gave you every opportunity to talk to me about it, and I wouldn't have been upset if you were more honest with me."

Fast forward to tonight's episode of the AYTO spinoff, and the pair of New Yorkers vowed to leave the past where it belongs by mutually selecting "share" during "The Choice," securing their place in the game for another day and sending Asaf and Kaylen home.

While Torgan's decision to stick around and split their fat wad of cash bodes well for them as a couple, it came as a shock to the rest of the cast -- namely, professional mathematician Tori's arch nemesis, Devin. "You either steal now, or you're banking on winning the final," the Season 3 puppet master said. "Seventy-five thousand dollars is probably more than either one of them will get if they go to the final, win and double share. That's just math."

Despite the aforementioned "share," and the fact that Torgan's two-night stint in the winners' suite has given them ample time to rebuild their friendship -- and indulge Morgan's foot fetish -- these two could still have a long way to go. As Tori said, "We've been through a lot of sh*t, and because I've done so many bad things to him, he would do 'em right back to me."

And according to Morgan, he just might. "I like Tori as a person, but she has broken my trust numerous times," he confessed. "She's given me every reason in the past to justify a steal."

If Torgan get voted into "The Choice" again, will they survive or will someone pull a grand bait-and-switch, a la Hayden and Carolina? Sound off with your thoughts, and catch an all-new Are You The One: Second Chances next Wednesday at 9/8c.