Courtesy Gorillaz

Gorillaz Are Throwing A House Party In Mixed Reality, And You’re Invited

This new app will let you be the first to hear the band’s new album, ‘Humanz’

There’s seemingly not a tech trend under the sun that Gorillaz won’t try. After dropping a 360-degree music video, announcing a bunch of immersive “spirit houses,” and even hinting at a television show, the virtual band is continuing its very active album rollout.

The latest from the Gorillaz camp is a mixed-reality app that gives fans a glimpse inside the band’s “weird, wonderful” universe ahead of its new album, Humanz. According to a press release, the app uses a combination of virtual reality, augmented reality, and 360-degree video technology that lets fans see the Gorillaz House through the camera of their smartphones. Users can interact with Murdoc, 2D, Noodle, and Russel, and can tour the band's studios and listen to playlists made by the members.

Most exciting of all, the app will also host the Humanz House Party, a listening event that’s being touted as the “largest ever geo-specific listening experience.” It’ll take place around the release of Humanz on April 28, and will allow fans to be the first to hear the new album in full.

See a trailer for the app below, and stay tuned to find out what creative boundaries Gorillaz will try to push next.