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The Chainsmokers Move Forward With The New Hits On SNL

Bye ‘Closer,’ hi ‘Break Up Every Night’

“Closer” may play on in perpetuity, but The Chainsmokers used their Saturday Night Live debut to dive into the new stuff — namely “Paris,” the first track from their new batch of tunes, and “Break Up Every Night.”

We're pleased to report that they are, in fact, getting better at that whole “WHAT DO WE DO WITH OUR ARMS” thing, as Alex Pall was whacking the hell out of that drum machine with aplomb.

Performing in front of a bunch of neon that could easily pass as the modern nightclub cousin of the Max from Saved By the Bell, the Chainsmokers rolled through “Paris” — fitting, given the Eiffel Tower signage right behind them — and gravity wasn't an issue by the time “Break Up Every Night” came around, as Drew took a leap off the drum kit.

“Paris” and “Break Up Every Night” are off Memories...Do Not Open, which The Chainsmokers dropped on April 7, the day before their SNL showing.

“Closer” may be stuck in your head on a loop until the end of time, but if their SNL performance is any indication, The Chainsmokers are gonna spend the next few months banging that drum machine until “Break Up Every Night” is bouncing around in there, too.