Can Asaf And Kaylen Bounce Back On Are You The One: Second Chances?

They might be the two luckiest ducks in 'AYTO' history

Forget a second chance: Asaf and Kaylen are about to get shot numero tres at the big cash payoff on the Are You The One? spinoff series.

When the Season 4 alums suffered another last-place finish during this week's episode, a consecutive perfect-match thievery (this time, it was Hayden taking the loot and leaving Carolina with nothing) secured their place in the Aussie household. To quote Asaf, "Never give up, never surrender. We suck, and we're still in the game."

Now, since the pair are in it to win it (again), the Israeli is vowing to kick it up a notch.

"I want to have a new beginning," Asaf said. "I want to take this to the next level." His statement may even ring true for his relationship with Kaylen (aka his "soul mate"), as he confessed that he didn't reach out to her after the series wrapped because he was "scared of rejection."

However, there's no denying their lack of connection post-Season 4 has put them at a supreme disadvantage when it comes to teamwork, especially during the missions.

"Asaf's on one page, I'm on another," Kaylen admitted. "We're so different."

The proof: While shopping for items for a few Australian locals during the latest mission, Asaf wanted to gift one woman with a hooha trimmer and another guy with a hairdresser chair. Kaylen nixed the trimmer (girl code, y'all), but in an effort to compromise with her free-spirited partner, she agreed to the chair... which the "nerdy Justin Bieber" local (Asaf's words) loathed.

Now that these lucky ducks have another shot, can they turn their performance around to nab first, or are they destined to continue to come in last? Comment with your thoughts, and find out if the third time is a charm for these two on Wednesday at 9/8c.