Watch Jack White And Neil Young Cut A Record On Fallon

Blast to the past.

Neil Young may be all about the future with his $6 million-making Pono Music Kickstarter, but Monday night he and Jack White took a little trip to the past, cranking out a vinyl single on "The Tonight Show."

The duo joined Jimmy Fallon last night to test out White's Record Store Day gadget, a 1940s-era Voice-o-Graph recording device dubbed the "Third Man Recording Booth." The booth allows folks to record audio, which is then rapidly pressed into a phonograph disc.

Young has made liberal use of the booth at White's Third Man Records in the past -- before trotting it out on "The Tonight Show" -- recording an album of covers in the contraption titled A Letter Home.

You can check out Young's "Tonight Show" cover of Willie Nelson's “Crazy” below:

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