11 Plus-Size Models Who Should Totally Be Victoria's Secret Angels

It'd be soooooooooo great!

There's no doubt about it: becoming a Victoria's Secret Angel completely changes your life, but after the 10 new VS models were unveiled earlier this year, we still had one major concern: Will there ever be a plus-size model on their roster?

Two of the Angels from the new class, Elsa Hosk and Jac Jagaciak, recently admitted they are totally onboard with the idea. "I think the whole world is more open to plus-size [models] and I am sure at some point they will be ready for it," Jac told the Daily Mail. "We don't know," Elsa added. "I really hope so." As do we, ladies! So, we decided to put together a list of models who we think would be a perfect addition to the Victoria's Secret Angel crew–and hopefully dropping the "plus-size" description in the process. Models are just models, after all.

Ashley Graham

We'll start with the most obvious choice: Ashley Graham. Not only was she the first plus-size model to be featured in a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue ad, design her own collection of lingerie and cover major fashion mags, but she already starred in a Victoria's Secret commercial that was deemed “too sexy for 2010 Super Bowl airtime.” She has no hard feelings, though–she's still very open to the idea of becoming an Angel. She once told Miss Vogue, "If those guys are listening, call me!"

Saffi Karina

After getting dropped from her modeling agency for being "too big" at a size 10, she launched The Curve Project London where she holds workshops to help plus-size women make it in the fashion industry. Also, she's gorgeous AF.

Jennie Runk

Jennie Runk made headlines when she was featured in a major H&M swimwear ad at a size 12, and she has already walked in numerous fashion shows. Basically, she's got the bikini and runway thing down pat. (Are you listening, VS?)

Gabi Gregg

Disclaimer/humblebrag: Gabi is our friend IRL, and even though she's not a straight-up model per se, she single-handedly made the "Fatkini" a thing. Now, she has a line with Swimsuitsforall and with 239K followers, her Instagram has a bigger fanbase than some major models. Get itttt.

Barbie Ferreira

This Wilhelmina model is the it girl of the moment. Petra Collins called her a major influencer in The New York Times, and people flock to her Instagram to see what she's wearing on the daily. I mean, she even has her own online shop. Also, a face that adorable deserves a spot in the Angel lineup, dontcha think?

Tess Holliday

Tess was probably the most talked about plus-size model of the year, and at a size 22, she landed the cover of People magazine and a spread for Vanity Fair Italy. We'd love to see her rockin' a rhinestone bustier and wings on the runway, so let's make it happen, people.

Nadia Aboulhosn

Nadia is equal parts model and fashion blogger, and after one look at her Instagram, you'll realize why she has such a cult following. Her street style is amazing, her modeling chops are unreal, and she's funny as hell.

Tara Lynn

Tara is a super seasoned model who has landed major mag covers, opened runway shows, and even makes an appearance on some of your favorite fashion shopping sites. (See: Forever 21.) She's got the perfect combination of bb doll face and effortless beauty that we (and, well, everyone) can't get enough of.

Denise Bidot

If there's one thing Denise is good at, it's looking KILLER in a bathing suit. (Seriously, take one look at her Instagram and tell us you don't agree.) She's also the model who did the entirely unretouched swimsuit campaign where she the slogan was “Beach Body. Not Sorry.” Yassss.

Robyn Lawley

We couldn't leave Robyn off the list since she technically landed the highly-coveted position of first-ever plus-size model to be shot in SI's Swimsuit Issue, which TBH, is pretty crazy considering she looks IN-CRED-I-BLE.

Marquita Pring

Marquita has starred in campaigns for Levis and Evans, managed to land the cover of Vogue Italy, and walked for Jean Paul Gaultier in Paris, so it's clear this girl knows a thing or two about modeling. Oh, and she's also co-founder of ALDA, "a positive body image group that encourages women to embrace their curves and take pride in their appearance, regardless of their size." *bows down*

Hope you're reading, VS. We're waiting!

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