Will Kid Cudi's Coachella Crop Top Start A New Hip-Hop Fashion Trend?

Cudi's midriff baring shirt adds to the list of daring hip-hop trends that includes kilts, capes and giant hats.

Kid Cudi turned more than a few heads this weekend when he rocked a red crop top with a pair of cutoff jeans during his Coachella performance. It certainly got Twitter buzzing, and now it's got me wondering: Is this the next big hip-hop trend?

Cudder was more than comfortable showing off his abs in the cropped shirt, and while the response wasn't exactly positive, sometimes it just takes a while for new trends to catch on. Take a look at a few hip-hop fashion choices that pushed boundaries recently.

Kanye's Leather Skirt

Well, technically it's a kilt. During his Watch the Throne tour with Jay Z in 2012, Kanye West was photographed on stage wearing a leather Givenchy kilt, immediately inspiring endless parodies, including the Twitter account @KanyesShirt. It wasn't long until other artists like A$AP Rocky and Theophilus London were seen sporting similar outfits, but unfortunately the trend never really caught on. Kanye still stuck behind it though.

The infamous kilt even came up during his interview with The New York Times last year. "The idea of Kanye and vanity are like, synonymous. But I've put myself in a lot of places where a vain person wouldn't put themselves in. Like what's vanity about wearing a kilt?" Exactly.

Lil Wayne's Jeggings

Remember that time Weezy wore jeggings to the VMAS in 2011? Yeah, it was hard to forget, especially since some sites sent out search teams to verify that they were legitimately a pair of women's pants. There was plenty of smack talking, even from fellow artists like Jim Jones, who tweeted at the time, "Real Men Don't Wear Spandex SMH Lol," but Wayne wasn't too far out of the box with this one. Since then, rappers' jeans have gotten tighter and tighter, especially on the more fashion forward set like A$AP Rocky.

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Young Thug's Dress

A$AP Rocky once caught flack for wearing a dress on "106 and Park," but he later explained on "RapFix Live" that it was just a really long shirt that got the haters talking. Young Thug, on the other hand, will admit to your face that he was wearing a dress in public. Oh, and he

told Complex via Vlad TV that the leopard print dress was actually from the kids department. To quote, "That was a dress. I think that was like a 7 or 8-year-old dress, a little girl dress." Switch your style up and save money kids.

Cam'Ron Capes

Cam has been a fashion icon since he made it cool for men to wear all-pink outfits back in the day, so it only makes sense that he should keep pushing the culture forward. His latest fashion movement? Capes. Earlier this year Killa launched a new line of capes at New York Fashion Week, even hitting the runway with his girlfriend Juju to model the accessories. Camouflage, fur, all-pink? Pick your poison. Just make sure you #CapeNowHateLater.

Pharrell's Giant Hat

Pharrell wears many hats in the figurative sense -- producer, rapper, singer, designer, but on Grammys night it looked like he literally combined all of those into one giant, 20-gallon hat. The standout accessory became an immediate Internet sensation, with comparisons to Smokey Bear's hat, and the Arby's hat. The fast food brand even got in on the fun by tweeting P and asking for their hat back. His response? "Y'all tryna start a roast beef??" Usher recently tried to get in on the fun with a crazy raccoon hat, but it didn't receive quite the same response.

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