The Former 'A' Suspects Of 'Pretty Little Liars' Speak Out

Toby, Jenna and more tell us what it's like to NOT be "A."

On Tuesday night (August 11), "Pretty Little Liars" finally revealed the secret it had been keeping for six seasons: the identity of its big bad, "A."

Finding out that A -- CeCe Drake -- was Charles-turned-Charlotte DiLaurentis all along was a huge shock, and all of the main Liars must be so relieved to have five years of collegiate peace to look forward to. But we also can't help but think of A's other, unsung victims, and the relief that they must currently feel... and of course, we're referring to the poor actors who have spent years hurdling accusations that they themselves were the big "A."

Here's what some of our favorites had to say about it:

Drew Van Acker, "Jason DiLaurentis"


Jason DiLaurentis was our number one suspect for quite some time. That face! That shady demeanor! That weird obsession with Aria's pink streaks! But alas, he was just as much as victim as the rest of them, and Van Acker is relieved to have his name cleared.

"I don't know how 'innocent' Jason is, but it feels good to no longer be the mysterious/creepy older brother," he told MTV News in an email. "Now people won't know what to say about Jason when they see me on the street."

Keegan Allen, "Toby Cavanaugh"


Toby was once a kinda-sorta member of the A-team -- via blackmail, but still -- so poor Allen only very recently found out that he wasn't the guilty party.

"'Pretty Little Liars' DNA is mystery, I thought I might be 'A'" he revealed. "I was really scared, too."

Tammin Sursok, "Jenna Marshall"


Jenna was basically the Liars' OG enemy-slash-suspect, and she's been shady since the get-go. But Sursok, who has lately been spending more time on her web series "Aussie Girl" than tormenting the liars, is still relieved to be innocent.

"I think as the token villain, it's great that there is someone more evil!" she wrote MTV News. "Haha... but you never know in Rosewood, my name might be cleared as of now, but there is still time to wreak havoc."

Brant Daugherty, "Noel Kahn"


Noel Khan, as Ali once told us, has his secrets... but one of them is not being A, and Daugherty still insists that you're getting Noel all wrong.

"I never considered Noel a bad guy!" he said. "While he might not be totally innocent all the time, it’s good to have his name cleared. Just don’t threaten him or the people he cares about... He’s very loyal until he has a good reason not to be."

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