Chance The Rapper Becomes Chance The Wrapper For The Cutest Kit Kat Commercial

Hear his soulful version of the classic ‘Give Me a Break’ jingle

It seems like blessings keep falling in our laps. Fresh off his all-star Tonight Show performance, and just in time for Halloween, Chance the Rapper has lent his uplifting charm to a new Kit Kat commercial.

Dressed as a fuzzy bear (but still rocking his signature third mixtape hat), Chance wanders the candy aisle at his local corner store and picks up a Kit Kat cosigned by “Chance the Wrapper.” He then launches into a soulful version of the candy giant’s classic “Give Me a Break” jingle, then delightfully decides, “That’s a good song.” Yes, it’s just as adorable as it sounds, and yes, it will make you immediately crave chocolate wafers. You deserve, you deserve, you deserve, a smoke snack breaaaaaak!

For those keeping tabs, Lil Chano’s Kit Kat deal is just the latest of about a billion milestones for the Chicago MC this year. He also released a critically acclaimed mixtape, Coloring Book, hosted his own magnificent festival, starred in a new H&M campaign, and got a coveted cosign from President Obama. A candy collaboration only sweetens the deal.

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