Beyonce's Phone Will Never Die Now, Thanks To This Jacket

The future never looked so good.

We can only imagine that Beyonce, #flawless heavenly creature and savior of the universe, doesn't have to put up with the same daily annoyances that plague the rest of humanity, like buying toilet paper or waiting in line at the DMV. Still, it seems that despite all of Queen Bey's omniscient glory, there's one irritating thing that even she can't escape: a dying phone. Thankfully, she got her hands on the uber fly, uber exclusive phone-charging jacket from Opening Ceremony.

Beyonce was recently spotted courtside at a basketball game wearing the super kewl fashion brand's $465 unisex Mophie Varsity Jacket, which features a removable Mophie pack inside one of its pockets for some handy on-the-go iPhone charging.

The black and gold jacket, which is a big hit with everyone from Jessica Alba to Rihanna, is hands down the most stylish phone charger we've ever seen.

So Bey, we just have one question: What piece of technology-driven clothing will you wear next? A pair of leather jeggings that charges your iPad? Maybe a matching Topshop two-piece outfit that automatically alerts you whenever Mike Huckabee is within a 100 mile radius? Count us (and our dying phones) in.

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