'Dear John' Stars Discuss Amanda Seyfried's Guitar Skills

'On a scale of 1 to 10, one of my friends being a 10, I would be, like, a 3,' Seyfried said about her guitar playing.

Moviegoers who saw the [article id="1631460"]#1 film at the box office, "Dear John,"[/article] this weekend may have walked out of the film wondering if the movie's leading lady, Amanda Seyfried, is an actual guitar virtuoso as depicted in the romantic flick. As it turns out, she can strum a few chords, but she doesn't seem to think she's as good at it as her "Dear John" co-star and onscreen love Channing Tatum does.

"On a scale of 1 to 10, one of my friends being a 10, I would be, like, a 3," Seyfried told MTV News about her guitar skills. "I like to sing, and [Channing is] one of my biggest supporters. It's really amazing. It'll take a while to get really good."

And while she doesn't think she's got it down just yet, Tatum is already singing her praises. "She's very, very humble and she's an amazingly talented and gifted artist," he praised. "She won't say it."

Seyfried has displayed her musical prowess in past films like "Mamma Mia!" but as it turns out, her guitar playing in this movie was not planned. "It was the last day of shooting, and we had a montage scene to shoot," she explained. "And [director Lasse Hallström said,] 'Bring your guitar.' And that's how it got into the movie, by accident."

According to Tatum and Seyfried, the success of the movie is no accident, judging by the popularity of previous films based on books by [article id="1631335"]Nicholas Sparks[/article]. "Look, he's got a magic wand when it comes to heartstrings," Tatum said. "I think he's a hopeless romantic himself and he just really loves writing about it in really sexy places and really sexy ways. Not to be cheesy or melodramatic -- everyone wants to feel loved and that their love is special, and when they read about these once-in-a-lifetime sort of relationships and loves, it's a great place to go away and escape."

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