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Stream Emika's Electronic Rebel Song "Centuries"

Rarely do artists like to admit that stale feelings are a source of inspiration, but that's just what German-based electronic artist Emika told Hive her new song "Centuries" spawned from. "'Centuries' is my electronic rebel song in response to a stale attitude ... it is about the burden of time and history on creativity. It's about surrendering to the past in order to exist in the future." So, it's about a lot of things, but for us, it's a nice representation of the dark electro-pop that lines her her album Dva and the song actually serves as a bookend to the whole recording project.

"I began writing this in November 2011, and I wasn't able to finish it until the journey of Dva took place," she says. "It was the last song on the record I finished producing about one year later. I live my music, and it finishes itself when the time is right."

While her focus leans much more on dance-oriented music these days, the UK-native was actually a classically-trained musician, specializing in piano and composition. That serious background trickles into her recent work, but in a more narrative sense. "Dva is a record of extremes and the brutal truth," she says. The inspiration comes from "Eastern Europe, my family, my fight to exist as an artist, my fight to work in the industry as a producer, and the experiences of my travels as a musician."

Emika's Dva is out June 11 on Ninja Tune.