Someone Told A Veteran He Didn't 'Look Handicapped' -- Read His Badass Response

One unfriendly neighbor messed with the wrong Texan.

Literally no one likes to find a snarky note stuck on their windshield wipers. That stomach-sinking experience is exactly what one disabled veteran in Texas experienced recently when he approached his car and found this not-so-friendly greeting from a neighbor.

Molochwalker28 / Reddit

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The author of said note is wrong in a number of ways. The veteran didn't have a handicapped placard, but he did have a license plate that indicated he was a disabled veteran, which is all that's required to park in a handicapped spot in Texas.

Then, of course, there was the offensive accusation that the veteran didn't "look handicapped" -- whatever that means. Yeah, not cool. Fear not, though. The veteran fired back with a letter of his own that put this jerk right in their place.

Molochwalker28 / Reddit

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OH SNAP. That ought to teach this person to keep their eyes on their own parking spot.


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