Rachel Crow Gets Advice From Jennifer Hudson

Former 'X Factor' contestant tells MTV News, 'Jennifer Hudson is definitely who I look up to.'

Rachel Crow has been keeping very busy since her shocking fifth-place [article id="1675655"]elimination from "The X Factor."[/article] The up-and-coming star recently inked an overall talent deal [article id="1680853"]with Nickelodeon[/article], in which she will star in her own comedy series, and will be hard at work on her [article id="1679654"]debut album for Columbia Records[/article].

MTV News caught up with the 14-year-old on the set of the Nick series "Fred: The Show," in which she will appear on several episodes as the character Starr, and she told us all about the sound for her upcoming album.

"We've been thinking about songs right now, and again, we're kind of in the first couple stages of that," Crow said. "I want it to be really fun. I want there to be a lot of high notes, a lot of stuff that really does show who I am so I can reach to them through my music. And so, I want it to be upbeat songs, I want there to be some slow songs, some motivational songs, some songs hopefully with a rap in them somewhere. Something really just awesome."

So, would Crow lend her rap skills to a track? "I would! I have dabbled," Crow said, laughing. "I'm just kidding."

All joking aside, Crow is looking to have a lengthy career. She said Beyoncé and Adele are her idols, and she would really love to follow in the footsteps of former "American Idol" contestant Jennifer Hudson.

"Jennifer Hudson is definitely who I look up to because she is so beautiful and she came right off a talent competition and she won like an Oscar the next year, and she is a very, very talented artist," Crow said. "I had the pleasure of meeting her, and she is such a beautiful person inside and out. And so I want to really look up to her and look to her when I need help, when I'm stuck in a rut or anything."

During their brief meeting, Hudson gave the young singer some valuable advice. "We did talk for a little bit, but it was very short, but it was amazing," Crow remembered. "But, she did say, 'Just be yourself.' "

Crow knows she has a lot of work ahead of her, but she does have an ultimate dream that she is working toward.

"My goal is to become a legend," she shared. "It's really cool, because you think about it, and not a lot of 13-year-old girls come off of a singing show and go on to do such amazing things — it's like making history. It's amazing."

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