Danny Brown's Tip For Meeting Your Favorite Artist: Don't Be A Fan Boy

The Detroit rapper shares some valuable advice at Hangout Festival 2014.

The 2014 Hangout Festival is currently underway in Gulf Shores, Alabama, which means there's a pretty good chance that music fans can bump into some of their favorite artists this weekend. But, what happens when you actually do bump into your favorite rapper? Danny Brown advises you to play it cool. No words, or photo requests necessary -- in other words, don't be a fan boy.

The Detroit rapper hit the stage on Thursday night for his set, but he's also a big fan of headlining act OutKast, who will close the show on Sunday. He revealed the songs he'd be most excited to hear live ("Spottieottiedopaliscious" and "Mamacita") but when asked how he would react if he bumped into them backstage, Danny admitted that he wouldn't say a word. Literally.

"I think I freak people out when I get a 'lil too fan boy, so when I see artists that I really really like, I just freeze up and don't say nothing," he revealed. "In this day and age, I think it's the real way to go, because nowadays, you have so many people that's probably not even a fan, they probably just want that picture for Instagram."

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"Back in the day, if you saw somebody you really liked, you couldn't do nothing but get their name written on some paper. They wouldn't take a picture with you because you didn't have a camera on you."

So, is he recommending that you keep it old school, and just ask for an autograph, then? "No, the real fans are the fans that don't even say nothing to you, because they're so shocked that they can't even talk," he explained. "And that's probably how I'd be if I [saw Outkast]."

Don't say that Danny Brown never taught you anything.