Kristin Cavallari: From Hollywood 'Hills' Party Girl To Midwestern Housewife [Photos]

Jay and Kristin

Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari are picture perfect!

Kristin Cavallari spent the better part of her TV life combating allegations that she's beyond a beyotch, but these days, it seems she's more interested in channeling her inner-Stepford Wife than starting fights. The former "Laguna Beach" and "Hills" baddie has cleaned up her act in recent years, settling down with football pro Jay Cutler, giving birth to Baby Camden and even (almost) burying the hatchet with ex-sparring partner Lauren Conrad.

Though motherhood has the power to soften up the most conniving individuals, we're still shocked by K-Cav's complete 180. The blonde beauty's even traded in her chic style for...t-shirts and jeans?! We may need to get our eyes checked, but she's definitely rocking a casual look in the professional photo she commissioned shown above. Now that's one for the mantel!

In another snapshot posted on her WhoSay page, the domestic diva shows off her handiwork in the kitchen with a tray of red velvet cupcakes -- a treat she'd made as a trial run for Jay's 30th birthday. We're way into Kristin's new housewife mode, but did someone lobotomize her with a Louboutin to bring out the soccer mom inside? If we see pics of a pot roast, we'll take that as definitive proof.


We'll take some of these, please.

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Photos: Kristin Cavallari's WhoSay Page

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