Future's Very Embarrassing Pre-Fame Name? Cee Lo Tells All!

'He might not want nobody to know that,' Cee Lo says when revealing Future's former moniker.

Future has made sure that every rap fan knows his name thanks to ubiquitous hits like "Turn On the Lights," "Karate Chop" and his new single "Honest." But before Nayvadius Wilburn christened himself the future of hip-hop, he had another nickname.

"Back then, we called him Meathead. He might not want nobody to know that," Cee Lo Green chuckled on "RapFix Live" when he appeared with Goodie Mob on Wednesday. "He called me the other day and I was like, 'What up, Meat?' "

Future is gearing up to release his sophomore LP Honest, but before he got the world to sing his songs, he was a fixture in his cousin Rico Wade's studio, the same studio where Goodie Mob, OutKast and Cool Breeze got their starts. They collectively referred to themselves as the Dungeon Family, and while Future mostly played the background in the crew's heyday in the 1990s and early 2000s, he's now at the forefront of rap.

"I think Rico was just trying to take him in the way he took all of us in. ... He gave us a house and a home and a task and a trade," Cee Lo said. "Being the visionary that Rico happens to be, I'm sure he saw that promise and potential in Future."

Cee Lo sees that same potential being realized in the music that Future is currently creating. "To me, I believe that Future offers the best variety, the best duality, the best balance. ... He understands harmony and melody and how to build and stretch those intangibilities into something palatable, fashionable and valuable commercially because he's moving units with it," he gushed. "I love what he do. I know another few other namesakes that do something similar, but I really think Future do it the best. I'm not being biased because he's family."

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