New Day26 Album Unveiled At New York Listening Party

'Forever in a Day' due from chart-topping 'Making the Band' stars on April 14.

"Making the Band" stars [artist id="3006111"]Day26[/artist]'s forthcoming Bad Boy album, Forever in a Day, was unveiled at a listening party at Atlantic Records' New York headquarters.

Held, fittingly enough, in a lounge on the building's 26th floor, the room was filled with flickering candles, freshly cut flowers and Day26 posters. A television played footage of Day26 from "Making the Band," while a bar in the corner served drinks.

Bad Boy President Harve Pierre hosted the party, giving background on the highly anticipated second album from the group, which formed in 2007 when Diddy hand-picked the five members at the end of season four of "Making the Band."

Pierre took a moment to pause the music and tell guests how pleased he is with Day26. "There aren't that many good groups out there anymore, but Day26 is one of the greatest groups ever," he enthused.

Pierre noted that the first single from Forever in a Day, "Imma Put It on Her," features both Diddy and Young Joc. He also said that a T-Pain-produced track called "Shawty What's Up?" will have a video out on April 1 and will be featured on BET on Sunday, although the track does not appear on the new album.

The album is a mixture of pumping club tracks and radio-friendly hits. Among the other tracks that stood out were "Stadium Music," with a heavy bassline and smooth lyrics, and "Remix," which, when [news id="1604213"]MTV News caught up with Day26 in the studio[/news] last month, bandmember Robert Curry described as "a metaphor song. ... It's our version of [Beyoncé's] 'Upgrade U.' "

Other artists featured on the 18-track album are The-Dream, Cassie and Jermaine Dupri.

Although the members of Day 26 were not in attendance, guests agreed that Forever in a Day seems likely to repeat the success of the group's debut, which [news id="1584646"]debuted at the top of the Billboard albums chart[/news] in April of last year.