Taraji P. Henson Just Gave The Most Cookie-Approved Acceptance Speech Ever

Actual baked goods included!

Just when you thought nothing could top America Ferrera and Eva Longoria in the Golden Globes awesomeness department, in came Taraji P. Henson to bring joy, love and -- most importantly -- baked goods to the crowd of A-listers at the Beverly Hills Hilton.

Henson won Best Actress in a Television Series -- Drama about two and a half hours into the night, beating out Caitriona Balfe from "Outlander," Viola Davis from "How to Get Away with Murder," Eva Green from "Penny Dreadful" and Robin Wright from "House of Cards," for her role as Cookie Lyon in "Empire." So, of course, just in case she won, the woman came prepped with actual freaking cookies:


Cookies that she gave to anyone who would eat one, including Lady Freaking Gaga:


Then, to make things even more refreshingly fun and light-hearted, she shouted "get off my train" to the poor dude escorting her up the stairs, as soon as she hit the stage:


Everyone wants a piece of Cookie's nookie, yes?

Once Henson stopped Willy Wonka-ing and made it to the stage, she poked fun of the fact that it took 20 years in the business to win an award of this caliber (an award that she won "playing an ex-convict"). She then pretty much refused to leave the stage when presented with her wrap-up cue, saying, "I've waited 20 minutes for this, you're gonna wait," and made our "Empire"-loving hearts soar when she ended her speech with, "Terrence Howard, I'm nothing without you, Cookie is nothing without Lucious."

Seriously, if there's a more Cookie Lyon-appropriate way to win an award, we can't think of it. You go, Taraji.

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