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Keke Palmer Is The Ultimate (Scream) Queen For Surprising These Students

Vallejo, California charter school students lost their chill when the actress showed up for a Get Schooled visit

On Wednesday (May 4), Scream Queens star Keke Palmer participated in a school visit on behalf of Get Schooled, which encourages young people to get the education they need and deserve. Acting as Celebrity Principal for the Day, Palmer spent the day hanging out with California's Mare Island Technology Academy students, who were participants in the statewide "Mission: Admission Challenge," swapping insights on education and technology. But they also enjoyed snapping selfies, getting signed autographs, and watching Palmer shave one guy's head.

"I just love talking to [the kids] and sharing and understanding what's going on with them, and honestly getting inspired by their stories and their experiences," the Scream Queens actress shared. "I just love connecting and exchanging."

Check out the video below.

Get Schooled was founded five years ago through a partnership with Viacom (which also owns MTV) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.