'Supernatural': Killer Bunnies, Clowns, And Deer, Oh My!

There were a lot of WTF moments on tonight's episode.

Last week's episode of "Supernatural" dropped a major bombshell. Apparently, God has a sister, and that sister is the Darkness, aka Amara (Samantha Isler). WHAT.

Metatron (Curtis Armstrong) "graced" us with his presence on the episode (see what I did there?) and he got in a long-overdue fight with Castiel (Misha Collins). Spoiler: Castiel won.

Crowley (Mark Sheppard) was overpowered by Amara, who'd had enough of his controlling BS. While Sam (Jared Padalecki) continued having creepy visions of the Cage in Hell, Dean (Jensen Ackles) tried to kill Amara, but was unsuccessful. She smugly told Dean he wouldn't kill her, and she had a score to settle — presumably with brother God about the whole imprisonment for eternity thing.

Check out our six biggest moments from "Plush."

Killer bunnies

Liane Hentscher / The CW


The episode opened with a clearly unhappy married couple bickering over taking out the trash. While Stan Hinkle (Kirt Purdy) sat on his ass watching sports, Fran Hinkle (Victoria Bidewell) took out the trash. Moments later, a creepy AF dude wearing a giant bunny head attacked Stan.

Meanwhile, the Winchesters argued what to do about God and Sam's praying. They got a call from Sheriff Donna Hanscum (Briana Buckmaster), who worked with them on a vampire case on Season 10. The brothers headed out and learned about the "killer Easter Bunny," whom the police had in custody — the bunny head forcibly stuck on his head. Officer Doug Stover (Brendan Taylor), Donna's coworker, came over and met the group and then left, but not before hitting on Donna in a totally cringe-worthy moment.

Later, the bunny grabbed Dean and accidentally revealed his "Kylie forever" tattoo on his arm. This name prompted the boys to hunt down all the Kylies in town. The last Kylie on the list (of course) was Kylie (Megan Peta Hill), who said the evil bunny was her boyfriend Mike.

Killer masquerade dudes

Liane Hentscher / The CW


Donna and Doug escorted the handcuffed Mike out of the station, but when he tried to break free and harm the cops, Doug shot and killed him. Later, Dean, Sam and Donna headed out to the woods to burn the bunny mask. They assumed the mask was cursed, which caused Mike to commit those crimes.

Shortly after, an unnerving masquerade costumed figure entered a gym where student Brock Buckner (James R. Swalm) and Coach Phil Evans (Bruce Blain) were working out. Picking up a kettleball, the masked person smacked the coach across the head.

Once the authorities were notified, it was revealed Coach Evans survived the assault, but was in a coma. The brothers spoke to Brock, who said the masquerade character was his school's mascot, and said the mask wouldn't come off. The brothers figured out the reason for these attacks was ghost possession, after the EMF radar went bananas on the masquerade figure sitting in the jail cell.

Dean shot the costumed person, and after this misty thing disappeared, the mask fell off and revealed Michelle (Cate Sproule), another student. She had no memory of the incident.

Killer clowns

Liane Hentscher / The CW


The case continued when the Winchesters and Donna knocked on the door of Rita Johnson (Brigid Brannagh), who said the costumes were Chester's, her late brother. Having the costumes around the house was too painful, so Anna donated them to the high school. Realizing Chester was probably connected to the costumes, the sleuthing trio assumed his ghost was possessing people for some yet unknown reason.

In the hospital, a terrifying clown calmly entered Coach Evans' room and slashed his throat. Womp womp. Then, the clown sauntered around the hospital and got in the elevator with Sam. (Remember, Sam is petrified of clowns.) Seeing the clown wield a knife, Sam attacked him and exorcized the ghost, leaving a very confused old guy wondering what the hell just happened.

The truth comes out

Liane Hentscher / The CW


Fran admitted her husband and Coach Evans "were besties who accused Chester for crossing the line with their kids" several months ago. Dean went to the Johnson's house and found Rita's son Max (Logan Williams) home alone. He entered the house and Max told Dean what Chester was accused of was a lie. Before Dean could ask more, Rita bursted through the door with Sam on her heels.

The Winchesters demanded Rita be straight with them. She revealed Stan and Coach Evans stopped by her house, accusing Chester of molesting their kids. Rita didn't believe them, but then she started to fear Chester might have been hurting her son. "How could I look the other way?," Rita said. She didn't talk to her brother Chester about the accusations, but instead called Stan, who said "they would take care of it."

Stan and Coach Evans were only supposed to scare Chester, but instead they accidentally dropped him off a bridge, killing him. Oops. When she found out, Rita wanted to tell the cops what happened, but she didn't want to risk going to jail and doing that to Max. So, Rita said nothing. "I should have trusted my brother," she admitted, fighting back tears.

Bye bye, Chester

Liane Hentscher / The CW


Because Chester was dressed in his deer costume when he died, Max suddenly emerged in the living room, wearing his uncle's deer head. Clearly possessed, Max started to choke his mother, but Dean was able to exorcize the spirit from Max's body.

As Sam started to burn the deer head, Dean scattered salt in a circle, having Rita and Max stand in the center of it, keeping them safe. Chester attacked Dean, but when the deer head began burning, so did Chester. And, then he was gone.

Donna the Hunter

Liane Hentscher / The CW


Sam and Dean called Donna a "hunter," and she was super giddy about the title. The brothers hugged her and drove off, having a semi BM (boy melodrama) scene. They argued more about praying, and Sam wanted to check out the Cage in Hell. Dean basically shouted, "HELL NO, SAMMY," and Sam backed off. Of course, if I know Sam, he won't back off for long.

Did this episode remind anyone else of the Season 4 episode "After School Special," which also involved ghost possession? Vengeful spirits, man. They're the worst.

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