Meet The Comedian Who Tweeted The Perfect Analogy For Catcalling

He really gets it.

Catcalling was put under a national magnifying glass after the self-explanatory video "10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman” went viral sparking a lot of discussion over this social problem.

Women experience it. Men don't quite understand it - except for Los Angeles-based comedian Nat Baimel. He encapsulated the definition of this issue with this hilarious, insightful analogy:

Nat Baimel Joke

See? He gets it!

Intrigued by this, I reached out to Nat and asked him about his Twitter post and catcalling.

MTV News: Comparing catcalling to being annoyed by “obnoxious salesmen at mall kiosks…pushing their sh---y product on you” really shows you understand a woman’s plight. Did you come up with the analogy right away?

Nat Baimel: I had this analogy in my head for a while, but just never thought to take it to the stage. I do a lot of pro-gay material in my act, so I've been hit on by my fair share of guys. I usually take it as a compliment, but I have gotten some creepy messages. I feel like there's no better way of identifying with a woman's plight than by being hit on by a guy who's aggressive, entitled and indignant when you don't want to respond to them. So I had these experiences and ideas, then the "10 Hours Walking" video blew up, I saw the ignorance in one side of the debate, and decided it was time to join the discussion.

MTV: How many times have you used that line on girls or how many drafts did you make before you Photoshopped that text-over-image?

Nat: 0.000 times. I can't imagine a lamer pick-up line than, "Hey, baby, you wanna hook up with a guy who's pro-feminist piece went semi-viral?" I went through a few different drafts. Originally, it was trying to convince guys to stop trying so hard. Then it turned into trying to convince them to stop altogether. Then it turned into the full-blown economics analogy. The more detailed the analogy, the funnier it got. The funnier an idea is, the more likely people will listen to it. I love getting laughs, but more than that, I love getting head nods, as if guys in the crowd are saying, "Oh! NOW I get it!"

MTV: Did you test that out during a show beforehand?

Nat: I did! It's still a newer joke, and I'm adding more and more onto it. It's been getting a great reaction. It's an issue that so many women deal with, that doesn't get addressed that often, especially by men. I hate that guys can't just listen when women say they don't appreciate it. A funny comic friend of mine, Jen Seaman (you can imagine the catcalls she gets with that last name), said to me after seeing the joke, "I've never seen a guy do such an affecting feminist piece." I thanked her, and admitted I wished it didn't need to be a giant d--k joke for it to work, but, hey, work with what works, ya know?

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Nat Baimel Stage

MTV: You must have lots of girls hitting on you because of your post.

Nat: I wouldn't say I've been hit on specifically because of this, but because of the philosophy in this. I hate talking about sex like it's an economic resource, but the supply and demand thing is true. When I finally did have a girlfriend, I noticed women started hitting on me a lot more often. The reason is I was off the market. There was a demand, because my supply was down. Seriously, guys, women will hit on YOU if you just leave them alone and stop seeming so desperate. Try it!

MTV: What have they said?

Nat: I've been thanked a lot for "getting it." I haven't been outright hit on all that much. It's nice being able to talk to a girl without feeling there's an ulterior motive. It must suck talking to guys and always feeling that way. When I am hit on, they don't throw lines at me, because girls aren't as desperate or gross as guys are. They have their fun, subtle methods. And another thing: I've never had a girl get belligerent when I don't respond to their advances. I remember once seeing a guy screaming at a girl, calling her a "slut" because she ignored his catcalls. How is she a "slut" if she doesn't want to sleep with you?

MTV: Have you ever been guilty of catcalling?

Nat: I'm proud to say I never catcalled.

MTV: Lastly, why a McRib?

Nat: McRibs are gross, but I have to admit, also genius. I guess I could have gone with Cadbury Eggs for the d--k analogy, but I think the "creamy center" punchline is a bit too obvious.

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