Cara Delevingne Pranking Taylor Swift’s Squad Would’ve Made The Joker Proud

This is savage

Cara Delevingne clearly has a dark side after revealing her surprisingly well thought-out prank on some of Taylor Swift’s squad over that memorable 4th of July. Stopping by The Late Late Show Wednesday (July 27), the Suicide Squad star confessed her devious ways to James Corden and Nerve’s Dave Franco.

Apparently, Delevingne, Ruby Rose, and Uzo Aduba “decided to become a ghost crew and started making this massive plot to scare the crap out of” Kesha and the Haim sisters after they had been watching murder mysteries on TV all day. They brought in tons of props for their ghost hunt but made sure to warn Swift and boyfriend Tom Hiddleston about it beforehand, so security didn’t go nuts and no one ended up getting hurt. Safety first when pranking, kids.

Check out how it all went down — including how the police almost got involved — in the video below.