Niall Horan Gives One Direction Fans A Glimmer Of Hope Amid Hiatus News

Niall and Louis have confirmed the band's break with a series of promising tweets.

One Direction fans, we have good news and bad news.

Let’s get the painful update out of the way first: Niall Horan has confirmed the band is taking a hiatus. The 21-year-old fired off a series of tweets Monday afternoon (Aug. 24), saying he, Harry Styles, Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson will take a “well earned break” starting next year, as previously reported. He was quick to clarify, though, that 1D are NOT planning to split up.

Ever the band’s resident cheerful, optimistic lad, Niall quickly followed up by promising they’ll be back because they “still have lots [they] want to achieve.”

He then gave 1D fans a glimmer of hope amid the dark news by promising new songs as their On The Road Again tour continues (followed by a quick spell-check, because clearly he was too amped up to think straight. We get it, N).

Even though the news of One Direction’s hiatus is still tough to stomach, Niall's update is exactly what fans needed to hear. A confirmation from one of the guys themselves AND a promise that they’ll be back is precisely the reassurance we were craving. Thanks, Niall!

Niall's bandmate Louis Tomlinson later followed up with his own set of encouraging tweets, thanking fans for their support and promising them they're "not going anywhere."