A Guy In A Stormtrooper Costume Is Terrifying The People Of Kansas

Darthy, I don't think we're on Kashyyyk anymore.

The ineffective plastic minions of the Dark Side have invaded Middle America!

According to local Kansas news station KWCH, several people in Salina were thoroughly freaked out yesterday when a stormtrooper in full Death Star regalia was spotted walking down the street.

At least one concerned citizen, noting that the trooper was "armed," called the police, who discovered the man in the white plastic suit was not actually an invader from deep space, but just an ordinary dude named Chris Burns who was making a Vine with his friend.

Of course, the good people of Salina had nothing to fear, since even if this had been a real stormtrooper, he would have posed no danger to anyone due to his inability to hit any sort of target, ever.

Reportedly, here's the Vine that Burns and his buddy made:

What do you think? Do stormtroopers pose a danger to small town America?

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