Nobody Panic, But A 'Suite Life' Reunion Is Happening On 'Jessie'

OMG we are freaking out.

If you're feeling nostalgic for the days of DCOMs and Disney Channel's Circle of Stars, you might want to tune into this week's all-new episode of "Jessie" on the Disney Channel. Why? Because there's going to be a "Suite Life" reunion and our emotions can't even deal.

When a rebellious Emma (Peyton List) runs away to the Tipton Hotel in New York City, it's up to super-nanny Jessie (Debby Ryan) to track her down. Of course, you can't check into the Tipton and not get sassed by hotel manager Mr. Moseby (Phill Lewis). OMG, "Suite Life on Deck" fans, this means Mr. Moseby and country girl Bailey Pickett will come face to face once again! Only, you know, this time Ryan goes by the name Jessie.

Excuse us. We need a moment.

Disney Channel

Mr. Moseby gif

Ryan may have moved on from her "Suite Life on Deck" days, but clearly, you can take the girl out of the Tipton but you can't take the Tipton out of the girl. As for Mr. Moseby, we're glad to see some things never change.

Watch the promo for the upcoming episode to get a taste of this suite reunion.

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