Uh Oh, Rihanna Successfully Brought Back Cargo Pants

Big pockets are in our fashion future, y'all.

While you're still wearing skinny jeans, Rihanna’s here to snatch up your favorite early 2000s look and make it look better than it's ever been. (Not like we're surprised or anything.)

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Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - June 14, 2015

A red-haired Riri was spotted at LAX on Saturday wearing camouflage cargo pants (yes, not just cargo pants, but camo ones), a leather jacket—and her favorite—a Lucid FC hat. If there’s one person who can resurrect an old trend at the airport, it’s Rihanna.

Cargo pants have probably been off your radar since the last time you watched Lizzie McGuire in search of fashion advice, and we get it. They're no slouchy white T-shirt that you can just throw on and immediately look like an off-duty model. They take work to look good.

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If you're willing to brave the cargo pants, we recommend following Rihanna's tips and tricks: layer up with a leather jacket, add a structured bag, cuff the ends, and most importantly, actually be Rihanna. We didn't realize this is what she meant by the return of wide-legged pants, but hey, we only have one thing left to say: watch your back, frat dudes.

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